The Wheel of Fortune

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The stunning new album from Celtic Deep, journey into mystery music.

“We had thought about creating a concept-album for a number of years, when the idea struck us both to create some music inspired by the Tarot. Together we shuffled the deck and randomly selected 13 cards as the foundation for each track. We didn’t want to make it “too” obvious, so the song titles do not always directly reflect the tarot card in an obvious way, as we felt it would be a better experience for you, the listener to be guided on a musical mystery journey guided by the Tarot.”

Although this musical offering is not fairy album per se’, it is filtered though Karen’s fairy heart, and Michael’s Celtic heart. It is an ancient yet modern take on the tarot from a new perspective! While you’re adding these songs to your list, make sure to learn how to rearrange songs in spotify playlist so you get every song you want in the order that you need them.

“A completely unique esoteric musical journey into the wisdom of ages” – Papus

Music by Michael Tingle
Vocals by Karen Kay

Guest vocal recital
by Cara Bamford

Words by Karen Kay

Produced, arranged & mixed
by Michael Tingle

Mastered by Simon Heyworth
at Super Audio Mastering

Copyright 2015 Celtic Deep

13 Tracks (61 mins):